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Appliances, counters, cabinets will be cleaned

Sinks, countertops and back-splashes will be cleaned, scrubbed, sanitised and wiped dry

Hobs will be cleaned. The inside of the oven will be wiped out

Oven, grill and base of oven will be lined with fresh foil

Appliances including toaster (emptied of crumbs), kettle (emptied of water), coffee machine (emptied of water) will be cleaned on the exterior. Jars of coffee and tea will be cleaned and fingerprints removed

The inside and outside of the refrigerator/freezer and microwave (if any) will be cleaned

The dishwasher will be empty and the cupboards organised

Items will be taken off shelf and shelves will be wiped down

Cutlery drawers will be organised

ANY food products left by previous guests will be removed

All crockery and cutlery will have been through the dishwasher and glasses will have been polished

Hand soap/lotion and fairy liquid in the kitchen sink will all be refilled, bottle cleaned and spouts facing the same way

Sink taps and any chrome areas in the kitchen will be polished

All light fitting sockets will be wiped

Bins will be emptied and wiped inside and out and have a new bin bag

Floors will be hoovered, then mopped


Rooms will be cleaned, dusted and hoovered (then mopped)

Window sills, ledges, furniture, picture frames, knick-knacks and lamps will be dusted

Furniture will be vacuumed, including under seat cushions

TV remote controls will be cleaned and tidied and  TV face polished

Hoover cylinders will be emptied

Windows will be cleaned of fingerprints


All floors will be vacuumed

Furniture will be dusted, mirrors and windows will be cleaned

All pillowcases will be placed facing inwards with the right side down


Showers, loos, mirrors, sinks and back-splashes will be cleaned, scrubbed and sanitised

All chrome fittings will be polished

Floors and tiled walls will be washed

Bathrooms will be regularly treated with anti-mould and mildew cleaning products, especially on grouting

Rubbish bins will be emptied and a new bin liner will be inserted

Loo rolls will all be new

Toilet lids will be down and toilets flushed


Washer and dryer will be emptied and lint trap cleaned

All light bulbs will be checked and changed if necessary. Spares provided

All tissue boxes will be checked and replaced as necessary

All light switches will be cleaned/polished

All curtains will be hung back in their neat folds

All cushions will be plumped and placed zip side downwards

Platinum Cleaning Standards

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